Our Portfolio

In one of the largest SEE Banks, Banca Intesa Beograd, as E-commerce Manager, Alex is responsible for overall strategy, development and day-to-day activities of more than 62 million EUR annual business in banking e-commerce card segment (strategy, new products, merchant acquisition). He was evaluating more than 500 e-commerce business models in different industries: airline tickets, telecommunication, appliances, Internet service providers, deal-of-the-day services, travel, bookstores, donations, food, insurance, clothes, etc. For 4 years, Alex was consulting SMEs on design of their e-commerce models. Following projects prove that Alex is a highly qualified and experienced professional, specializing in e-commerce and internet with proven track record in the technical areas relevant to e-business and payments:

  • Creation of payment facilitator business model for e-commerce enabling SMEs to sell their goods and services through single merchant account (40 SMEs selling through one merchant account)
  • Implementation of credit cards acceptance for Amadeus clients (local tourist agencies selling airline tickets). Amadeus is world’s largest air-ticketing reservation system
  • Managing a large-scale project “Enabling Multicurrency in e-commerce” to enable SMEs to receive payments in international currency lowering their costs for currency conversion
  • PayPal account creation and credit cards registration within e-banking web solution for individuals (Banca Intesa Beograd).

During 13 years of experience in the field of e-commerce Alex implemented more than 15 e-commerce/e-business projects in Serbia and BiH in the private sector, reaching from e-marketing campaigns to complex multifunctional e-commerce portals. Extensive consultancy work with SMEs in e-Commerce and business development resulted in more than 200 businesses supported. During 12 years of entrepreneurial experience Alex was completely accustomed to senior management roles with proven track record for leading teams.

E-business, e-commerce, e-payments, FinTech (esp. e-wallet, mPayments), early-stage startups, mature SMEs entering e-commerce arena